Government of Alberta Halts Exploration on Category 2 Lands

Energy Minister Sonya Savage announced the Government of Alberta is immediately halting all coal exploration projects in Category 2 lands.

We acknowledge the government’s decision to suspend exploration work pending the outcome of the consultation process and policy review. We are disappointed we can’t proceed with the exploration work we had planned for this year but will observe the Minister’s decision. We will continue to engage with Indigenous groups, communities and stakeholders and will be conducting important, non-invasive baseline work such as environmental and reclamation studies.

Following application and consultation our coal exploration program (CEP) was approved by the Alberta Energy Regulator in September 2020, including with the support of certain common land users in the project area. Our CEP remains valid and in good standing.

For context, our planned spend on exploration this year was to be in the range of $12 million, supporting 60 – 90 full time jobs.

For more information on the Government of Alberta’s decision please see their news release below

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