Government of Alberta Terms of Reference for Coal Policy Committee

On March 29, 2021, the Government of Alberta announced they have appointed an independent Coal Policy Committee (the Committee) to lead a comprehensive public engagement to inform the development of a modern coal policy.

The Terms of Reference for the Committee outline “the purpose of the Committee is to conduct engagement as necessary to prepare a report to the Minister on the advice and perspective of Albertans about the management of coal resources in connection with matters under the Minister’s administration, including:

Mines and Mineral Act, relating to coal tenure and royalty
Coal Conservation Act, relating to resource management and conservation; and
Responsible Energy Development Act, relating to regulatory oversight of responsible coal development.”

On April 23, 2021, Minister of Energy Sonya Savage and Committee chair Ron Wallace clarified the committee interprets its Terms of Reference to evaluate all issues and concerns related to coal development raised by Albertans throughout the consultation.

Cabin Ridge believes the Terms of Reference coupled with additional insight into technical matters such as selenium, land use and water stewardship will allow for the completion of a modern coal policy that will both protect natural areas and allow for responsible resource development.

To review the Committee’s Terms of Reference please visit the link below:

Committee Terms of Reference