Our Vision & Progress

Our vision is for Cabin Ridge to become a world-class producer of quality metallurgical coal products servicing the Asian, American and European markets that continue to demonstrate strong demand. 

Cabin Ridge is dedicated to the principles of sustainable development and being a good neighbour. Our project studies will explore ways in which project development can successfully manage, minimise or eliminate the impact on the environment and the community while maximising the economic benefits for Alberta.  Our expectation is to engage on an ongoing basis with regulators, Indigenous people, community, and potentially affected stakeholders through the course of our project studies.

The region

The town of Coleman, situated in the Crowsnest Pass, saw its origins in coal mining and production established in the early 1900’s around the same time that freehold mineral rights were granted for the large majority of the Cabin Ridge project area that exists today.

At the time it was an example of economic activity attracting a dedicated labour force which formed a community within the town. Many years have since passed, with the coal-rich history of the township of Coleman having been well recognised and recorded.