Climate Change

Climate change is a significant issue affecting our planet and communities. Cabin Ridge has a role in helping address this global challenge. We will manage our GHG emissions and carbon footprint through all stages of the project lifecycle, aiming to deliver world-class performance through low emissions technology, energy efficiency and reclamation.


We will strive to minimize dust and other emissions to protect the health of the environment and communities near our operations.

Water Stewardship

Access to clean water is a basic human right and critical for maintaining healthy ecosystems. We will protect the watershed where we operate by minimizing water use and ensuring water that leaves our operations is clean and safe for people and aquatic life.


We strive to minimize impacts from waste generated by our activities. We will safely store and use waste rock in future reclaimed landscapes. We are committed to reduce, reuse and recycle our non-mine waste as much as possible.

Biodiversity Reclamation and Closure

We are committed to preserving and promoting biodiversity, including protecting and avoiding high value areas and habitats. We believe responsible modern mining includes effectively managing biodiversity, reclamation and closure. We will return lands to a healthy and productive state. We plan for closure at all stages and will progressively reclaim our mine site as we proceed.

Health and Safety

We value the health, safety and well-being of people above all else, including that of our fellow employees, contractors and surrounding communities. Our goal is to have everyone go home safe and healthy at the end of every day.

Diversity and Inclusion

We value diversity and treat everyone with respect. We believe in a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace, free from harassment, bullying and racism.

Human Rights

We acknowledge our activities, and those with whom we do business, can promote or negatively affect human rights. We commit to operating with respect for internationally- recognized human rights, including the distinct rights of Indigenous Peoples as set out in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

Business Resiliency

Demand for high-quality metallurgical coal is increasing globally. We aim to develop and produce metallurgical coal resources in a manner that maximizes value for our stakeholders, including communities, Indigenous groups, customers, and shareholders.  Our goal is to meet our customers needs while delivering superior safety, environmental, and economic performance versus our global competition.

Indigenous Peoples

We recognize and respect Indigenous rights and the importance of reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. We will meaningfully consult Indigenous communities in a respectful, open and transparent fashion. We believe Indigenous communities should participate in and benefit from our business.

Communities and Stakeholders

We believe in being a good neighbour and treating people with respect. Our communication will be open, honest and transparent with the goal of identifying and resolving issues and concerns and minimizing effects on communities. We will contribute positively to communities and provide benefits through employment and contracting opportunities.

Business Ethics, Compliance and Transparency

We believe in honesty, transparency and acting with integrity. We will report accurately to investors and stakeholders, obey the law and act ethically in keeping with the principles of good governance.

A good neighbour, 
committed to the Alberta community

In the process of our ongoing engagement, we expect to determine and quantify the benefits of our project to Indigenous Peoples and communities expected via employment, training, skills, support and economic opportunities. Beyond coal mining jobs within the region, we expect that businesses and the wider community will benefit from the Cabin Ridge sustainable mining project.